Jail & Prison Ministries:
To meet the spiritual needs of both inmates and staff through ministry that includes evangelism, discipleship, and pastoral attention to proclaim the message of Salvation.

Hospital Visitation Ministry
"Is anyone among you sick? Then he must call for the elders of the church and they are to pray over him, annointing him with oil in the name of the Lord." James 5:14

Hospital Ministry is essentially a crisis ministry. People who are experiencing illness or injury are in crisis. Their lives have been interrupted and changed. They are being confronted with pain and uncertainty about the future. They are in a strange environment and are probably having to be totally dependent on medical professionals for their continued welfare. They have little privacy, and even less control over their schedule. All of this places a person under stress and evokes in them emotional and behavioural responses that may be quite different from their normal style.
Ministry to people in crisis is a specialized ministry in many ways. It is conducted in the atmosphere of heightened emotions and reactions at best, and in the atmosphere of great tragedy and trauma at worst. In either case, the ministry team at Zion Church enters this ministry situation with a great sensitivity to the needs of the person(s) involved, and responds to those needs with great sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Truly listening to the heart of an individual is one of the greatest gifts one can give to a person. Our Ministry Team listens and helps the hospitalized person put things into perspective. It helps him gain a sense of being understood and cared about. Having truly listened the team is able to respond to the person with a great depth of understanding and empathy.
The Team is especially attentive to the patient's family members and the staff of the hospital, as they are sharing in this crisis with the patient. They will have their own reactions and feelings. In fact, it is not uncommon for family members to react to this crisis more intensely than the patient. By ministering to them, we also minister to the patient.

Orphan Ministries
Send money collected from the Sunday school kids to support kids of their age in Vavuniyah Sri Lanka in order that those kids may be blessed with good nutritious Food, Study Materials and Clothed properly. Many kids’ lives were transformed by this generous act of the Zion church children and God has been working among the orphans to show the love of God in their lives.

Leprosy Ministries
People with Leprosy in Sri Lanka were in a great need of help to establish a proper shelter and to have decent living condition. Zion Church Youths have raised money and build washrooms for the center of leprosy and promised to make more donations to make their lives better by providing continuous support in providing a better life for the people with leprosy.