Once there was a very good man. His name was Noah, and he loved God very much. And God loved Noah. But many people were doing bad and evil things because of this God was very sad. God decided to send a flood over all the earth to wipe away the people who had become so bad.
So God said to Noah, "Build a huge ark just the way I tell you, put rooms in it and coat it with tar so it will float a long time." Then God said, "Take your whole family into the ark because I have found you to be very good."And God told Noah to put seven pairs of each of the “clean” animals (those good for sacrifice or food) and two of every other kind of animal on the ark to keep them alive during the flood also.

Then the rain began and it rained for 40 days but it flooded for 150 more days! Finally the rain stopped.
After a while, the ark finally rested on a mountain.  Noah sent a raven from the ark to fly here and there until the waters were dried up from off the earth. Noah also sent a dove out of the window in the top of the ark to see if the water was dried up, but the dove returned because there was no place for her to land.  So, Noah waited for seven days and then he sent her out again, and when she came back, in her mouth, there was an olive branch.  Noah knew then, that the water was lower than the tree tops.  So, seven days after that, he sent the dove out, once again, and she never came back to the ark.  Now Noah knew that the water was all dried up because the dove could land on the earth and live there again.  Noah and his family and all the animals were able to leave the ark.
God said, "I promise I will never again send a flood to destroy the whole earth." And then God put His rainbow in the sky as a reminder to us of his promise.

***God loves obedient children. When you obey to God’s word and love Him, He will bless you and protect you from all dangers. Jesus loves you and wants to be your friend. So like Noah, obey to God and be a good child of God. ***